About Sara McManigle

" I'm just a chick who has this need to create stuff! I grew up on a farm in North Dakota, and in 2007 became a store owner. It will eventually be the home to additional art and gift items - my own and consigned.

My first love is pottery - both on the wheel and hand-building. My second favorite interest may be photography. Very often I'm laying on the ground or kneeling to snap a "purdy picture.

It seems that no matter the media, I end up with dirt on me!

Thank you so much for visiting! I love feedback. Even if you don't have an account to sign into, you can comment as a guest.

Enjoy the pics, and visit often to check for this venture's updates and give aways! "
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Wheel-Thrown & Handbuilt
Pottery pieces are created at the VCSU Ceramics Lab in Valley City, ND or in my own workspaces at home and the store in Luverne, ND. Most firings are up to Cone 06, producing functional stoneware.
There are a few 35mm pieces from the 1990's, however I currently use a digital camera. With my rural location, this is easier than having film developed, I know if I "got it" before leaving the photo location, and I am able to upload th images immediately.